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Save Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

because they wouldn't give up on you, so don't you give up on them

No Fate But What We Make - Save Sarah Connor
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So here are the facts.

- The ratings are falling.
- Pretty much every television review site is predicting cancellation, despite high DVR numbers.

Judgment Day for our beloved show is fast approaching.

The question is: are we, as fans, just going to let it happen without doing something?

No fate but what we make, people.
(And okay, we acknowledge the undeniable fact that FOX has more power than Skynet could ever hope for.)

You might be thinking: Is it too late? Does FOX even care? No matter what anyone says, it is better to go out fighting, don't you think?

We created this community in an attempt to consolidate the efforts being made by fans of the show here on livejournal - and hopefully outside of LJ as well - in one place to, in short, do everything we can freaking think of to support our show.

So if you love Sarah, whether she's being kickass or crazy...
if you love John, whether he's being the future leader of mankind or (trying to be) a normal teenager...
if you love Cameron, because let's face it, what is there not to love?...
if you love Derek, whether he's scarfing down hotdogs or being the hardened resistance fighter from the future...
if you love ANY of the characters, anything about the show from Bear McCreary's awesome music to the cars blowing up...

Join us.
the forums @ www.savethescc.com
savethescc @ twitter
savethescc @ facebook

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